The information presented on this website does not constitute in any form or shape neither business advice nor recommendation. It is not intended either to be relied upon or based on business decisions.  It is important to consult your financial advisor, bank manager or solicitor before considering our business solutions. Although we do not provide investment advice on companies listed on the stock market, our proposed investment solutions are subject to currency fluctuations or movement and other market shocks, this may affect the value of the investment and any income related to it.

Any investment may rise or fall; therefore investors may not get back the amount they originally invested. As we deal only Islamic Compliance financial products, it is possible that we may suggest to invest small companies from emerging markets, quoted or unquoted securities and investment of businesses in countries that are considered unstable. These types of investments tend to be volatile and therefore are considered high risk investments thus may not suitable risk-averse investors.

We are not brokers, and do not provide dealing or advisory services on investment banks, institutional clients, ISAs, PEPs, SIPs or any interest bearing financial products.  Nurmen Ltd is an innovative firm that provide business consultancy, accountancy and small business legal advice, the legal advice is provided by third part experienced solicitors we work with, our solutions are designed for individual investors who wish to invest ethical consumer-oriented businesses. 


We specialise small businesses and start ups, hence our business consultancy and accounts services are tailored to our clients needs. 


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Nurmen was established in 2005, we specialise small businesses and help them achieve their business objectives, we specialise in various  industry sectors.  Our services are tailored to our clients' needs.

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